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The typical homeowner needs ways to update their outdoor areas around their property. And while there are numerous upgrades available, many are too expensive and remain merely decorative.
When you need the added benefit of functionality, you should turn towards a custom retaining wall. However, without the right contractor team, a simple solution soon gets expensive.
Instead, we here at Retaining Walls Perth strive for the lowest cost and best quality on every job you hire us on, regardless of its scope. We continue producing the best in soil erosion defense and privacy solutions.
Whatever the reason for your call, we guarantee that you’ll love your new wall system. See why more area residents prefer our finished product over any other Perth WA service provider.
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Quality Retaining Walls

Our team has the experience you can trust for the best walls made from any building material. From standard concrete blocks to natural timber wood panels, we can create your ideal additions with ease.
We use local construction contractors who know their way around limestone, rock and stone, and engineered system applications.  Choosing us means the best quality on more types of materials and any height.
Whether you need a tall block fence for privacy or natural stone for your garden, we know you’ll love what we build each time. From durable walls to charming sleeper wall systems, we offer expert completions and lower costs each time.
Call now to give your home the best defense possible at the right price. We still offer free estimates every day.

Any Building Material

​Typical retention wall contractors rely on one or two types of block and little else. Instead, we know more homeowners want ways of adding style to their hardscaped areas.
Whether you need something different than everyone else on your street or merely have a personal preference, we guarantee a wall that you’ll love each time. We take your ideas and create lasting quality no matter how odd the shape of your space or your budget.
We know that you need the best results possible without spending a fortune. Our team has the level of skill necessary to complete your job quickly without sacrificing its appearance.
No one else looks this good keeping your property safe. Call for the best-looking walls built at lower pricing each time.

Why Retaining Walls?

Some home lots back directly to your neighbours with nothing more than some grass or gravel separating you two. As a result, you’ve likely seen more of your neighbours than you would prefer.
Other homes struggle with steep hills and drop-offs which puts them in harm’s way. Whether the area is known for flash flooding and heavy rains or you know you have an erosion hazard, retention walls are often necessary.
Just because you much have one doesn’t mean that it must remain dull. We have the expertise necessary for lasting quality and appearances you’ll enjoy.
See why more homeowners hire us. No one gets results like Retaining Walls Perth.